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The Cherry Hill Farm mission is to develop both horse and rider to be confident with each other as partners. We understand that each of our clients have different goals and priorities in mind when we develop a custom program to achieve. A priority to Jamie is for the rider to enjoy both the horse and the equestrian sport. 

Jamie Lund

Jamie started her career riding through the mountains of San Diego county with her father on the 300 acre Santa Ysabel family farm. Falling in love with horses at the early age of 2, Jamie started her competitive career at the age of 13, riding hunter/jumpers exclusively until the age of 19.  At 19 she was given a dressage horse; forever changing her views of building a well rounded horse. She showed in both the hunter/jumper and dressage worlds for several years, having the opportunity to ride with many well known trainers from both disciplines.  As a result, Jamie has developed a well rounded and methodical way of training both the horse and rider, incorporating years of experience to help her clients achieve the best possible result. Jamie enjoys working with the client and horse on a personal, one on one level. Jamie’s teaching method makes it a truly enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.

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